The capstone project to end all projects. This year-long search portal re-design was intensive and rewarding. As a group of 3 teammates, we got hands-on experience working with a remote client and designed changes for a portal that gets used every day by professional biologists, publishing professors and PhD students. The changes displayed below come from months of competitor research, user research, and lots of user testing and validation. While the designs and changes are nuanced, the results showed profound improvement of use.

Version 1: Playing with shapes
Version 2: Playing with color
Version 3: Inspiration from the Google search
Version 4: Using shape, color, and an easy-to-use drop down menu to create a more fluid search process

Published by Demery Gijsbers

Welcome! I am Demery, one of five sisters, and one of many ice cream lovers. I am a product designer at Ford Motor Company and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan School of Information. This is my portfolio and it grows just as I do in learning more about design, my professional self and how I can sneak little jokes into both of those things.

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