“A private Twitter for families” is how I have described this dream to friends. The idea is to give families with younger children a way to communicate without needing to provide the child with a cell phone. I want to provide the space to communicate more efficiently than a large family group chat often be, and with more freedom than having to constantly text updates or have parents following a geo-location.

The home screen is a news feed of sorts, showing all family members’ status updates and locations.
When writing a status update, you are able to turn on a “reply” function so that members can quickly reply to your status if it is warranted.
The messaging feature allows family members to reply to status updates, as well as send and request location.

When it comes to tech-savvy parents, I know that many kids in elementary school and middle school have their own smart technology. They are used to devices like a personal iPad, iPod Touch, and usually have access to computers in their schools and at home, but might be too young to have their own fully-functioning smart phone. This app (and future website) is to provide a space to share “status updates” as well as location so that parents don’t have to try to get a hold of their child 24/7, and kids know what their parents are up to throughout the day. There is also a space to message back and forth amongst the family members for more direct communication. The design and ideas are all, of course, still a work in progress. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Published by Demery Gijsbers

Welcome! I am Demery, one of five sisters, and one of many ice cream lovers. I am a product designer at Ford Motor Company and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan School of Information. This is my portfolio and it grows just as I do in learning more about design, my professional self and how I can sneak little jokes into both of those things.

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